Magic Marron, a family farm

Our marron farm started humbly in 2009 – 2010 with stocking a few dams. A toe in the water to see where this would lead.

Our rural community is predominately beef cattle (dairy cows in the past, which died out when there was no money in it). Like many young people growing up in the area, Bo grew up on the family farm, which was primarily beef cattle and sheep. Isolated and sick of all the hard work, Bo left and lived for many years overseas. Upon his return, he realised he needed to do something else, his own business venture.

For all the time, effort and space required of cows, it was not even profitable enough to support more than one family. This is something that many farms and families in our area experience, a need for a supplementary income.

What else could I do? How differently could I farm?

Marron ticked all the boxes. It involved dam digging (which many men seem to enjoy). Marron farming is kind of like going fishing. Another tick. Native to the area. Intensive farming in an environmentally friendly way. A food source that can be thrown on the barbeque and enjoyed with family and friends. Tick! Tick! Tick!

Our dams & stock

Most of the dams are on average 1.5m deep, can be drained and some have been built with a good solid base of compacted sand and shale. We now hold about 2 ha of water.

We have purchased quality juveniles from established local breeders to stock our farm over the years and now have a well established stock in our own ponds. We regularly hide harvest juveniles to stock / restock new and existing ponds.

We have juveniles available to sell at certain times of year, contact us with your enquiry.


Magic Marron farm is close to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk near Walpole, Western Australia. An ancient wilderness of Red Tingle Trees, not found anywhere else in the world. The old growth forest is rich with unique biodiversity.

Most of our marron farm catchment is Karri forest, Jarrah and Tea tree. With gentle rolling hills and flat valleys, the water is caught, filtered and stored in the hills and slowly flowing into dams. The water quality is very good with black tannins, humic acid and presumably microbial life.

We have also fenced off remnant bush on the farm and re-vegetated with native plants.

Compost! What is good for the pasture is good for the marron!

Having moved away from using synthetic fertilizers, compost has been used on the pastures since 2011.

Since 2015 we have been making our own compost in bulk for the farm. Which we will write up and share with you!

Our Story

Marron farming is family friendly.

We have 3 generations still working on our farm (which also runs 100 head of cattle). The children learn and have close relationships with their grandmother. The diversity of tasks and skills required, means everyone can help out.

Marron farming can be messy and muddy and fun!

Meet the Team

Magic Marron is a family run small farm in Walpole Western Australia
Magic Marron is a family run small farm in Walpole Western Australia

Bo Svenson

Manager, Inventor, Ideas Man, Fixer of Pumps (and everything really),  Father

Marron farming is not a very glamorous job in waders!
Marron farming is not a very glamorous job in waders!

Karene Svenson

Farm Hand Extraordinaire, Marron Trapper, Feeder, Sizer, Packer, Mother, Distributor of Good Vibes