Buy Marron – The Magic Marron Online Shop coming soon! (late 2018).

We are so pleased to be launching our online marron shop really soon. Hopefully by the end of 2018. This will allow our customers to buy marron easily and farmer direct from a West Australian farm.

For now, please contact Magic Marron via email – the best way to reach us.

Our Marron are available in 4 main sizes with a minimum order of 5kg. Juveniles may also be available at different times of the year. Please contact us with your enquiry.
130 – 160 gram
160 – 200 gram
200 – 250 gram
250 – 300 gram

Blue Marron
Buy Marron – Blue Marron – Farmer Direct from The Magic Marron Online Shop

We also sell blue marron, which look fantastic in aquariums. Blue Marron are currently unavailable until the end of 2018. We will update our website when available.

They can also be eaten but the blue colour changes to red when cooked.

The blue pigment is due to a genetic variation and ranges from pinky purple to dark and electric blue.

To learn more about how our marron are farmed please see Pond to Plate