Busting Marron Farming Myths & FAQ

Marron farming is experimental. This can both be fun and exciting and also extremely frustrating. An open mind is a necessity. Talking to marron farmers who have been in the industry for a long time can be very informative. Learn how others do things and from their mistakes! The Marron Growers Association of W.A. runs marron farm field days, a few each year, which are fun and interesting. It is great to see other farms, how they run and meet the community.

There are many variables in marron farming (water quality, nutrient levels, water catchments, weather, seasons, environmental factors, genes, feeding etc.). This can lead to many marron theories and speculation. Some are based upon fact and repeated observation, others are habitual or imagined.

Therefore there are many myths surrounding marron farming. Here we try to bust them!

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Marron Mythbusters #1

Blue marron are weaker

Many marron farmers think and repeat it.

Answers: We have many blue marron and they seem just as strong. We have never had any die in our purging tanks.

Ours are tough as, grow out well and in taste tests, really taste no different.

Marron Mythbusters #2

The Chinese will not buy black marron because black is unlucky.

Answers: I emailed my friend in Shanghai and he said “If you import these, you will become a very wealthy man.” He also did not directly reply to my question about Black and black marron. I looked up the superstitions and it is indeed a real thing. But it is quite specific. i.e. a black border around a photo means the person in the picture is deceased.

Marron FAQ

Sludge. The curse of every marron farmer. How to get rid of sludge?
    • Sludge and using old / pre-existing dams. Think twice before using an existing farm dam for marron production. This dam (see picture) has performed well over the years but is too muddy and suffers from sludge. The same amount of money has been spent on repairing an old dam than building a new one.

      Marron farming myths and FAQ - Avoid sludge and muddy old pre-existing dams.
      Marron FAQ – Old farm dams are not always a good idea.