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John Guest – Marron Research

Magic Marron supports the work of John Guest, former president of the W.A. Marron Growers Association, Marron farmer and enthusiastic aquaculture researcher. Some of the fascinating ideas / theories  John is working on about marron research include:

1). The Water Chemistry is the foundation of the whole Aquaculture Enterprise.

2). The Water body is literally part of the marron stomach.

3). Correct Water Chemistry provides the essential elements needed for a Marron growth. Example shell hardness, tissue growth.

4). A Water Body with the correct Chemistry promotes Natural Beneficial Bacteria (PROBIOTICS) and Beneficial Algae and Zooplankton.

Correct water chemistry promotes Heterotrophic bacteria like Bacillus and Pseudomonas they produce enzymes Lipase (fats) Protease (proteins) Amylase (carbohydrates). These enzymes break down the Fats, Proteins and Carbohydrates allowing them to be used in the Kreb cycle to produce ATPs, which create Metabolic Energy for all life forms, including other bacteria, such as Autotrophic Bacteria which are responsible for the Nitrogen Cycle and other cycles operation.
The heterotrophic Bacteria like Bacillus which Break down Fats, Carbohydrates, Proteins are NOT promoted by Fats, Carbohydrates, Proteins.
They are promoted by Dissolved Organic Carbons which come from Humic acid, hay, Molasses and the Decomposition dead organic matter (tannin).

In conclusion, we need a dissolved carbon source in our water, the marron feed and the correct trace element levels to ensure healthy bacteria. When these are correct it will also promote Healthy Algae and Zooplankton as all the natural cycles will work correctly. (John Guest)

The Aquaculture Council of W.A.

The Aquaculture Council of WA have a collection of articles available to download which may be of interest to existing marron farmers, or those looking at getting into the industry.
Topics include Pond Building, Marron Information, Feed Guides, Inland Aquaculture and Water Budgets.