New Frozen Marron Product
Valley of the Giants Frozen Marron is available conveniently for you. From family run marron farms in Walpole, Western Australia.

From the Deep River to the Kent River this is Marron Country.

Marron Farmed in Nature

In Southern Western Australia, there are ancient forests, rich in biodiversity. Nestled amongst the tall trees are pockets of pristine farmland. The natural waters that run into these farms are filtered by the forests, creating the perfect environment to grow marron (freshwater crayfish which are endemic to the area).

Two family run farms, Magic Marron and Kentup Marron have joined in partnership and bring to you the quality of live fresh marron with the convenience of frozen.

Valley of the Giants Marron are processed, cleaned and frozen in a rapid process. Combined with the correct cooking procedure, this brings to you the quality of live fresh marron with the convenience of frozen.

Health Benefits of Marron

Omega 3. Marron grown in the colder waters of Southern W.A. have higher levels of Omega 3.

Protein Rich

Organically Grow

Preparation and Storage

Best cooked from frozen.

If thawed eat within 3 hours.

Please store below -18 Degrees Celsius

For Serving Suggestions see our Recipes

Oven Baked, BBQ / Weber or Steamed. If you follow our recipe directions, we claim you won't tell the difference between live and our rapidly frozen marron!

Please share your recipe ideas or pictures with us.

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Bo & Karene Svenson - Richard & Rhys Hughes


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