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Magic Marron is a family run farm on the south west coast of Western Australia. Surrounded by old growth forest, our pristine natural dams grow delicious Marron of the highest quality (which are native to this area).

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Magic Marron, a family farm

We are lucky to live and farm in the south west of Western Australia  - an incredibly beautiful and natural environment. The water that fills our marron dams is filtered through surrounding forests and bushland.

On the farm we make and spread our own compost on the pastures, largely for the cattle and sheep. This good practice of creating natural products to feed the soil, also has important flow on effects for the water quality.

Our marron show good growth rates and are healthy, strong critters. Perhaps this is due to a diversity of nutrients dissolved in the water which the farm, enclosed bushland and surrounding forrest provides.

We feed the best quality natural feed available with added probiotics and EM (efficient microbes).

Our purging systems (where the marron are held in tanks after being trapped out of the dams) are consistent and effective at maintaining correct water temperature.

The marron are handled minimally and with care. We love and are amazed by our crustaceous creatures!

The family farm is in decline in Australia, with a 11% decrease in Australia over the past 5 years. We live in a remote area where numbers at the local school are falling and employment is tough. By supporting local Australian farmers, it helps our community to thrive. Our rural area has predominately been farmed for beef cattle (dairy cows in the past). We hope to inspire other young families to stay in the area and perhaps try farming a little differently. Cows require large pastures, are heavy on the earth, produce methane and can be very demanding. We hope to create a highly productive small farm which is diverse, sustainable, profitable and following natural biological principles. Our farm is not certified organic but perhaps we will gain certification over the next few years if we can find some time! We are pretty much an organic farm without certification.

It is easy to romanticise farming and the lifestyle does have many positives. Such as living in a natural environment in tune with the seasons, reasonably flexible working hours and being actively involved with your children and animals. However every farmer knows, to live at the mercy of Mother Nature is not always easy and can be highly stressful. The life as a primary producer can also be difficult, at the mercy of the markets, capitalism and competition.

So we thank you for visiting our website and hope you can support our online business venture - of selling our delicious, high quality Marron farmer direct. Or learn more about Marron farming and join our growing industry. We are also committed to sharing knowledge and promoting the ongoing research of marron farming and aquaculture.

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